Steampunk Minions that Win You Over

A minion is a small figure that is devoted to serving his master. How about getting a minion of your own? It sure would not have life but yet can serve you in whatever it specializes. If you are finding this hard to believe do take a look at the minions created by artist Joseph Drust.

Drust has a whole line up of minions of various types but one of his best ones is the In’tendo minion. If you find the name to be resembling some other very popular product you are correct for the resemblance is not only in the name but also in functionality, to some extent. In’tendo comes from Nintendo and this little minion is capable of allowing you to play NES retail cartridges, except for the lightgun games. To believe this you must take a look at the minion first and understand its uniqueness.

The In’tendo minion is a perfect example of bringing about awesomeness into one small vinyl character. The shape, looks, features and finish are of the steampunk style of art that acquired prominence during the late 1980s and early 1990s. This might be a vinyl piece but does not look so one bit. Everything about this creation gives the feel of the art form of the Victorian age when steam was one major power source. The articles used in a steampunk creation often include materials that one would find in old industrial lots or science labs. The material can be anything like steel, iron, brass, copper, wood, and glass. The very same effect can be seen in the In’tendo which has been given a weathered gold finish. The joints and edges have been given a soldered effect to once again bring about the steampunk style.

The best part of the In’tendo is the fact that it is a USB powered creation which can enable you to play your NES cartridges on it. Insert the cartridge at the back of the figure and the LCD monitor in the front serves as the display. Using two infra red controllers you can enjoy your favorite games with a completely new experience.

In’tendo is sure one of the best of Drust’s creations but the others in this collection too are worth noticing.  Some other USB powered minions include the Tesla, Periscope, Aerial, and many more.  The magnetic Needle Minion serves as a keeper of all your paper pins as the figure attracts all ferrous metals. These minions are also for sale and can be obtained from the Davenport and Winkleperry gallery in Pittsboro.

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