Ragnarok Online 2 lands on Steam and seeks dominance in MMOs

Get your swords and spells ready adventurers, Gravity’s sequel to Ragnarok Online lands today and is expecting to dominate the free to play market on Steam.


Fans of the cult classic can breathe a sigh of release and finally play the sequel to one of the most successful MMOs since World of Warcraft as of today. Following in the footsteps of its phenomenal release in June 2003, Gravity has launched the sequel to one the most influential, long-lasting piece of MMO history today on Steam. Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second seeks to revamp the cult-classic anime themed online RPG that gave birth to a generation of online gamers today, and in a decidedly awesome twist of fate, has released the game completely free of charge for all users.

Although the Korean version of the game has been active for a little more than a year now, many fans have found their way into the closed and open beta of the game, or simply landed on the Korean servers themselves. While the game hasn’t hit North American reviewers just yet, the fan reaction has been universally positive and has already started taking players away from other strong MMO titles. The inclusion of the game on Steam is sure to generate millions of new users and could easily contribute to one of the most massive online RPG launches since World of Warcraft, provided of course that Gravity manages the enormous influx of players with care and tact.

Whether you’ve played the first installment of the series or not, the game has been completely redesigned to take into account a new generation of players and promises hundreds of hours of entertainment for those who are hungry for some hack and slash action, with a touch of cuteness. So get your clicking fingers ready and give ‘em hell!


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