Misery Loves Company: Depressed Characters Pair Up

Everyone knows the saying that “misery loves company,” so our favorite fictional characters were bound to pair up eventually.

If you have ever thought to yourself, “gosh, it must really be difficult being green,” then you should know that it may not be easy, but it’s no longer lonely.

So Green

Thanks to Chris G., who can rock a serious deviantART page, characters are teaming up to create the cutest, and saddest, “I know that feel, bro” posters around.

Want a heart

And while some of these are ridiculously sad…

Parents are dead

Lost your precious

Wearing a visor

…others are quite hilarious.

Learn to speak Wookiee, so he’s no longer unintelligible

Does anyone else hear Robin Williams saying “itty bitty living space” when looking at this?

But whether you find these hilarious or utterly depressing, these pairings will definitely change the way we look at the characters we love.