Skyrim: 2012 Live Action Short

Ever wonder how would it be like to be a Dovahkiin in 2012? Two months since Skyrim came out, and the world is still trying to make for lost labor hours. Too much size, too many missions, too many characters and things to do. It just seems there’s no end to it. I’m through 40 hours of gameplay myself so far, and I don’t see the end coming anytime soon.

The funny, or maybe the great thing about Skyrim is everything you can do while not taking care of the serious business, beating dragons that is. Playing hide and seek with village kids, finding a wife to marry, beating bandits in abandoned mines and stealing stuff. Buckets, and money.

The Grosjean brothers decided to take the Skyrim experience into our world, our time. Fighting dragons and frost trolls doesn’t exactly translate well, but going into inns and haggling with the owner or pick pocketing some folk does. This video is funny because of the accuracy, from the speech patterns of the inn keep and his worker and inserting the battle sequence near the end, including the famous shout.

Skyrim has had quite an effect on the global geek community, and the web is filled with stuff linked to this monster of a game. If it’s the music you like, than this awesome violin cover is for you. Even Pac-man can’t get enough of it.