6 Biggest Plot Holes in Fantasy & Sci-Fi Films

Even the most epic of movies have faults in them, and the plot holes in films like Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future and the Star Wars double trilogy are a bit hard to fathom when you think about it really hard.

Obi Wan Needs to Use New Names

Obi Wan & Baby Luke


So Yoda, Obi Wan and that Miguel Prado decide to split up Luke and Leia so the Empire doesn’t find them until they’re old enough to challenge the Emperor and Darth Vader. So actually taking Luke to Tatooine, Anakin’s home planet, and giving him to the same family (Uncle Owen) while keeping his name, seems like a good idea to them? (Image via jedi rend)

Gandalf & The Eagles

Gandalf & Eagles

Many people who didn’t read the books, especially The Hobbit, don’t understand why couldn’t they have simply used the giant eagles, who saved Gandalf from Isengard and came to Frodo’s rescue at Mordor, not to mention the tree scene in The Hobbit, to make everything simpler. If you read the books, you understand they don’t just listen to Gandalf at whim, and frankly, there has to be something complicated to make it interesting. (Image via Dorkly)

McFly Parents Can’t Remember

Marty & Parents


Back to the Future might be my favorite movie of all time, but people don’t usually forget faces of influential people from their high school years, even if 30 years have gone by. And still, the McFly folks don’t recognize Marty as the kid they knew in the 50’s. (Image via What Culture)

Batman Begins Microwave Problems

Batman Microwave


The big plan for Ra’s Al Ghul was to steal (which he managed to do) and operate a Microwave Emitter to vaporize all the water in Gotham, and by that releasing a toxin into the city’s air. But as humans, including those in the DC universe, are made up of 57% water, wouldn’t they have been boiled to death as well? (Image via Batman Wikia)

Star Trek (2009): What was Nero Doing?


Nero jumps through time and kills Kirk’s dad and destroys the USS Kevlin. Then? He waits for 25 years until Spock arrives and also get a chance to see Kirk Junior in action. What did they do for all that time? (Image via Memory Alpha)

Teach Astronauts Drilling, Not the Other Way Around

The Wrong Stuff

So to save the planet, instead of training Astronauts how to drill into asteroids, they decide to take the long way and teach roughnecks to be astronauts. Makes a lot of sense. (Image via Yahoo)

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