Legend of Link Lifelike Papercraft

It is difficult to imagine a life without paper. In every walk of life we use paper in some form or the other. Technology may have advanced to a great extent but this product that was invented centuries ago has never lost its importance. From very basic uses like notebooks to important documents all need paper. The world of art and craft is also heavily dominated by it. In fact there is a whole stream of paper crafting where models are created with paper. Take a look at the life size Legend of Link model created by Michaela, also known as studioofm on the web.

The Legend of Link was a part of Michaela’s summer project. Standing five feet five inches tall this Legend is a well crafted piece of work. The creator has uploaded photos of the model from various angles and from each angle you get to see the hard work and dedication speaking out loud and clear.

As revealed by the creator Link is a model that is completely made of a 250 gsm paper. This type of paper is around four times stronger than normal paper and hence better suited for such large craft works. She has also made use of foam in certain parts like the pants, boots and a ring in the waist to give it a core support. Foam has also been used in the back of the shield and the master sword’s handle.

Link has a total of more than 250 pages with the initial template having 198. The multiple layers of paper pieces give ample support for this paper Legend to be able to stand erect without any external support. Though he is seen standing in an open area he sure was not created here. He was transported here by the creator and with much ease as the model can be easily unassembled and put together again.

Link has been shot amidst thick green foliage giving the impression of a warrior in a forest. The green color of his dress gels well with the surroundings. It is almost like an animation movie character having stepped out into the real world. Achieving such finesse was not any easy job as this Canadian artist had to work for over 500 hours in total to come up with this outstanding piece of work. If you would like to get any kind of detail on the project or wish to make one for yourself the creator would be happy to help you out. She has given out an open invitation to anyone wishing to know about her Legend of Link.

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