Scrap Metal Cows Hit The Finnish Countryside

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are the three R’s that help control pollution on the planet. There are many of us who are making conscious efforts in adopting the three R’s in our day-to-day lives in order to do our little bit to help save the planet.

Pollutants are of varied kinds and tackling each one has its own methods. One such pollutant comes in the form of used cars. The rate at which cars are being produced and consumed is increasing alarmingly. People soon get ‘bored’ with one car and move on to purchase a new one creating an ever-increasing junkyard of old used cars. Amid such a use and throw scenario, Miina Akkijyrkka attempts to make optimum use of these discarded vehicles and gives them a completely new look.

This Helsinki based sculptor shows a close attachment to cows through her works. She is one who works with cows in more than one way and her academic history goes on to prove it. She did attend an art school to pursue her interest in sculpting but also spent one full year at the Dairy Farming School. Adding a bit of mechanics to her two fields of study she came up with these gigantic bovine creatures that adorn the hillsides and countryside keeping an eye on all the grazing cows.

It is not an easy job to acquire old cars. Although there being plenty many people do not wish to part with their cars. Akkijyrkka often goes trekking in her country and in the process also looks out for used cars. Having successfully purchased the old cars she heads homewards where every car is carefully pulled apart, welded where necessary and soon given a completely new makeover. These creatures made out of scraps of used cars stand tall amidst nature presenting a definite figure which otherwise would have been parts of huge junkyards.

The cow sculptors created by Akkijyrkka break the monotony of the green stretches with the myriad colors they exhibit. As all the cars she has made use of are of varied colors, her cows also come out in multiple shades. The very form and posture of these cows also present a variety with some standing erect, some grazing while some sitting in a comfortable position simply taking a look at the lovely surroundings.

These colossal metal bovines add a dash of color to the Finland countryside while making optimum use of all old used cars.

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