Que la Fuerza te Acompañe: Day of the Dead Star Wars Style

Maybe Dia de Los Muertos is several months off, but there’s never a bad time to celebrate the awesomeness of “Star Wars”.

These nifty prints capture both the essence of the “Star Wars” characters as well as the sugar skulls so famous during Dia de Los Muertos. John Karpinsky (aka Captain Magnificent) has created these 4″ x 6″ prints of the different factions from the famed movies.

The Imperial Side:

Oscuro la Muerte (Dark Death): Darth Vader

Darth Vader

Muertos Tormenta (Dead Storm): Storm Trooper

storm trooper

Muerte de un Cazador de Recompensas (Death of a Bounty Hunter): Boba Fett

Boba Fett

The Rebel Side:

La Muerte de una Princesa (Death of a Princess): Princess Leia

princess leia

Vara de Oro (Goldenrod): C3P0


Duende Azul (Blue Imp): R2D2


The prints are available for sale on Karpinsky’s Etsy Page and range in price from $30-$45 for each print.

While the images are nice and Karpinsky does a great job of keeping the characters recognizable even after the sugar skull transformation, it would have been nicer if he had used different characters. It’s almost too easy to transform the droids, Vader, Storm Trooper and Boba Fett since the only thing to change is the designs on the helmet. My favorite print is Leia specifically because she’s still recognizable with her iconic buns, even as a normal skull. Why not have Palpatine on the Imperial side and Yoda on the Rebel side. Or how about Luke Skywalker? Sure it might be more of a challenge to make the skull recognizable, but a great artist would be able to transform any character into a Dia de Los Muertos sugar skull. This isn’t to say that Karpinsky’s illustrations are bad, it just seems like he took the easy way out of what could potentially be something even better.

Despite that small gripe, the designs are fresh, crisp and true to the holiday and the movie. The details are nice and you can see the skull outlines on all of the prints (Boba Fett’s is hidden inside of his helmet). Maybe not for everyone, but if you’re a die hard “Star Wars” fan who wants artwork that is also eye-catching, this might be for you.

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Via: Flickr